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Websites that work for you

We're a small team based in Scotland. We turn small business websites into effective marketing tools.

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Indivigital Membership

Do you know how often your website was inaccessible last month?

Many web hosts offer “uptime guarantees” however small business owners are often unaware whether these guarantees are fulfilled from one month to the next – 95% uptime is more than 18 days of downtime every year.

This is where our membership comes in – as a member you’ll benefit not only from premium hosting, but also easy-to-read server performance reports delivered to your inbox on a monthly basis.

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Our hosting service provides a swathe of great features like SSD storage, HTTP/2, free SSL and free daily backups. It also includes one free website or cPanel migration, which means we'll transfer your website from your existing host free of charge.


Our membership simplifies your online presence by giving you access to discounts on all our digital services (including web development and marketing training) and one local, central contact for the core aspects of your online presence.


Pay Monthly

£ 12

per month

Pay Annually

£ 120

per annum

All payments will be processed via PayPal. Minimum term is 1 year. If you have any questions please call us on 0141 432 2035 or email

Web development

We build user-friendly websites that help small brands standout in competitive marketplaces. We believe a website should and can be more than an obligatory purchase – it should feature at the forefront of your marketing and operate as a first point-of-contact for prospective customers.

Built from scratch

Every website we build starts with a blank text editor. While our themes are built on top of WordPress, we don’t rely on bloated design frameworks – the final design handed to our clients is one created exclusively by our own team.

Robust development

Losses occur where inoperability begins. Our designs scale to the size of a wide range of viewports and are tested for compatibility across all popular web browsers.


Good design is a subjective standard. For this reason, our web build process start with a project brief and can also encompass mood boarding (a collage of patterns, elements, colours, textures, etc.) and wireframing.




Typically very good uptime and excellent response time but customer service is poor and admin panel is dated.

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Excellent uptime and response time but it's poor on customer service and lacks some important features.

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Excellent features and good customer service but uptime is variable and renewal prices are excessive.

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Variable and typically average uptime; they place relatively strict control on server resources but they offer SSD drives and free SSL.

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