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Disinformation and fakery: the worst confirmed examples of propaganda on the Syrian war

by Jason Smith about 4 days ago

President Trump’s recent announcement about a coalition of forces comprising the US, the UK and France coordinating airstrikes against Syria has renewed conversations on social networks about the role of propaganda in the conflict. Political commentators have taken to social media over the last few days to highlight some of the more egregious examples of […]

Viral video: former Army officer cut off by Sky News during interview on airstrikes in Syria

by Jason Smith about 5 days ago

An interview by Sky News has gone viral on Twitter after former Major General Jonathan Shaw, a veteran of the Iraq war, was cut off while discussing the Syrian airstrikes. MUST WATCH: Former head of British Armed Forces gets cut off by Sky when he goes off-script on Syria! — EL4C (@EL4JC) April 13, […]


Apple breaks Twitter silence with (PRODUCT)RED promotional tweet

by Jason Smith about 5 days ago

The official Apple account on Twitter has broken its self-imposed social media silence by publishing a rare promotional tweet advertising a new special edition of iPhone 8: (PRODUCT)RED™. The tweet began showing on users’ timelines on 10th April and to date has received 20 retweets, 105 likes and 10 replies. While it’s a sign of […]

Zuckerberg video

Video of actor portraying Zuckerberg and announcing deletion of Facebook attracts 8M views

by Jason Smith about 5 days ago

A video of an actor portraying Mark Zuckerberg and announcing the deletion of Facebook has attracted over 8 million views on social media. In the video, the actor states “after much consideration, I’ve decided that I, the Zuck man himself, will be deleting Facebook”. Despite containing a satire notification, a number of Facebook users mistook […]

Web hosts



Per month

  • Their restrictions are transparent; they restrict CPU minutes, script executions and storage
  • They frequently update hardware and all shared accounts use SSDs; they’re also relatively cheap
  • They offer HTTP/2 and fantastic customer service; they’ve got good uptime but there’s no free domain

Great on features, uptime and cost; average on response time and they don't offer a free domain



Per month

  • Good uptime and customer service
  • They support HTTP/2 and utilise SSD drives
  • Expensive if you pay monthly

Good customer service, uptime, response time and cost. Support for HTTP/2 but no free SSL.



Per month

  • Good uptime and a response time that competes with more expensive competitors.
  • Poor uptime guarantee (99.00%) and no ‘free domain’ for entry-level customers
  • The best admin panel we’ve reviewed but poor customer response time

Great price, solid performance, good features and responsive support.

A2 Hosting


Per month

  • They don’t offer automated backups or support HTTP/2 at this price range
  • The use SSD drives however CPU usage is restricted to 10% of 1 CPU core
  • Some of their restriction are lower – worse – than comparable hosts

Missing a number of core features offered by other hosts at this (introductory) price range. Average performance.

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