Thursday 24th May 2018

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Yelp files complaint with the European Commission over Google’s local search results

by Jason Smith about 2 days ago

Yelp, an online directory of local businesses, has filed a complaint with the European Commission over Google’s local search results, according to a report in the Financial Times. In the complaint, Yelp claims Google is favouring its own local results over those of competing organizations. It’s the second complaint filed by the San Francisco based […]

New study: 73 percent of Americans ‘too afraid’ to ride in a self-driving car

by Jason Smith about 2 days ago

73 percent of Americans are “too afraid” to ride in a self-driving car, according to a survey of 1,014 U.S. citizens published by the American Automobile Association (AAA). Surprisingly, trust among millennials has declined faster than among any other group. The number of millennials “too afraid” to ride in a fully autonomous self-driving car has […]

Break up Facebook

Coalition of advocacy groups calls on the FTC to ‘break up Facebook’s monopoly’

by Jason Smith about 2 days ago

A coalition of advocacy groups has launched a campaign calling on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to “break up Facebook’s monopoly”. The coalition is comprised of groups including MoveOn, SumofUs, Demand Progress, The Open Markets Institute and Content Creators Institute. It has launched a website,, and, according to Axios, is spearheading a “six figure […]

North Korea

North Korean defectors were targeted through Google Play

by Jason Smith about 2 days ago

A group of hackers dubbed “Sun Team” developed malware for the Android operating system that sought to target North Korean defectors, according to a report from internet security firm McAfee. The report states the malware was labelled as “unreleased,” uploaded to Google Play in January 2018 and was available to download for two months. Upon […]

Web hosts



Per month

  • Their restrictions are transparent; they restrict CPU minutes, script executions and storage
  • They frequently update hardware and all shared accounts use SSDs; they’re also relatively cheap
  • They offer HTTP/2 and fantastic customer service; they’ve got good uptime but there’s no free domain

Great on features, uptime and cost; average on response time and they don't offer a free domain



Per month

  • Good uptime and customer service
  • They support HTTP/2 and utilise SSD drives
  • Expensive if you pay monthly

Good customer service, uptime, response time and cost. Support for HTTP/2 but no free SSL.



Per month

  • Good uptime and a response time that competes with more expensive competitors.
  • Poor uptime guarantee (99.00%) and no ‘free domain’ for entry-level customers
  • The best admin panel we’ve reviewed but poor customer response time

Great price, solid performance, good features and responsive support.

A2 Hosting


Per month

  • They don’t offer automated backups or support HTTP/2 at this price range
  • The use SSD drives however CPU usage is restricted to 10% of 1 CPU core
  • Some of their restriction are lower – worse – than comparable hosts

Missing a number of core features offered by other hosts at this (introductory) price range. Average performance.

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