Wednesday 20th March 2019

Jason Smith

Jason Smith

Jason is co-founder of Indivigital. He's been in the digital sector most of his career and loves coding. In his spare time -- what exists of it -- he has a bit of a curious hobby: flying small aircraft.

Posts by Jason

Parent company of Bluehost and HostGator reportedly considering sale

Endurance International Group is reportedly considering the possibility of a sale following the acquisition of by Siris Capital Group earlier this year. The Group posted a net loss of $2 million on revenue of $279 million for Q2 2018. It was also recently handed an $8 million penalty by the SEC.

EU proposes fining tech platforms for failing to remove extremist content

The supranational organization is likely to publish a new draft regulation next month stipulating tech platforms must remove extremist content from their platforms within one hour of receiving notification. It comes months after the EU criticized Facebook and Twitter for not doing enough about the proliferation of illegal content on their respective platforms.