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Gareth is co-founder of Indivigital.

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Is it possible to comply with the GDPR?

The "definition of personal data in the modern world is beginning to swallow everything," according to Professor Lilian Edwards. In a two-part interview with Indivigital she also stated that EU privacy laws may "destroy" free-to-user business models. 

Expert: EU privacy laws may ‘destroy’ free-to-user business models

In an interview with Indivigital, Professor Lilian Edwards stated free-to-user business models are "contributory to destroying privacy and creating profiling and discrimination". She also accused Facebook and Google of "playing games" by claiming they are only "data processors" under the new regulations.

Timehop announces data breach affecting 21 million users

An unauthorized user obtained administrator privileges and accessed Timehop's Cloud Computing Environment on a number of occasions between December 2017 and July 2018. Users' names, email addresses and phone numbers have been compromised in the breach.

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