Tuesday 19th March 2019

Copywriter creates incredible cover letter to land prestigious job

Jason Smith
by on 14th March 2018

Chase Zreet, a copywriter who lives in Texas, really wants to work for Wieden+Kennedy, one of New York’s best ad agencies.

He could take the same route every other applicant does and submit a C.V. and cover letter, however he decided that was unlikely to be enough.

Instead, he created a tribute to Sprite – one of W+K’s clients – and posted it on Vimeo. Of course, it wasn’t just any ordinary video: Chase, clothed in a collection of bright suits to match Sprite’s brand palette, did a 3 minute rap video.

According to a post on AdWeek, Chase created the lyrics and contributed the main concepts, however Jeremy Bartel, a director, helped pull the video together.

“I originally brought him a bunch of shot ideas that I thought were funny but were conceptually all over the place and didn’t have a whole lot tying them together visually beyond me wearing a green suit in all of them,” said Chase.

He also stated “He [Jeremy Bartel] sat with it for a night and came back with the hoverboard scene and said, ‘This is it. This is the whole video’.”

The video has received over 750,000 views since Chase uploaded it 4 months ago. According to FastCompany, Wieden+Kennedy spotted Chase’s submission and liked it so much they offered him a job. He’ll start working for them in April.