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‘GDPR privacy policy template’ is now a ‘breakout’ trending search term on Google

Searches for GDPR are currently more prevalent than searches for Rhianna, Kendrick Lamar and Lionel Messi, as businesses struggle to institute new processes in time for the 25th May deadline.
by on 23rd May 2018

As businesses across the world struggle to institute processes in time for the GDPR coming into force on 25th May, some webmasters appear to be taking the easier route by searching for templates in an attempt to solve their compliance woes.

According to Google Trends, “GDPR privacy policy template” is now one of the top GDPR-related trending search terms and is accompanied by other breakout terms including “GDPR cosa fare” (“GDPR what to do” in Italian), “GDPR consent examples” and “GDPR compliant privacy policy”.

GDPR data

The term returns upwards of 421,000 results on Google, as well as a number of adverts dedicated to helping webmasters navigate the complexity of the new regulation.

Moreover, “GDPR” is currently more popular than search terms like “Rhianna,” “Kendrick Lamar” or “Lionel Messi”.

The new regulation has spurred an entirely new industry devoted to helping organizations deal with compliance.

Training seminars, template documents, website plugins and “GDPR-friendly” contact forms now all make up the new “GDPR industry,” as tech organizations, legal representatives and data officers continue to develop new products and services to meet the ever-increasing needs of businesses and webmasters eager to ensure compliance.

Despite being inundated with advice from public institutions (which are also struggling to grasp the implications) and enjoying access to in-house legal teams, the impending deadline appears to have caught many businesses, including large tech organizations, flat-footed.

Publishers have been particularly vocal about being compelled by tech organizations to adopt the burden for obtaining user consent.

To assuage their concerns, Google executives have recently agreed to meet with trade groups representing thousands of the world’s biggest news organizations In New York, albeit one day before the new regulations into force.

Meanwhile, tech organizations that maintain some of the world’s most popular website tools, including comment platform Disqus, web measurement tool Google Analytics and email marketing platform MailChimp, continue to publish information about the steps they’re taking to achieve compliance, with some stating they expect to deliver updates in time for the 25th May deadline.

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