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Google extends ‘mute this ad’ functionality to target remarketers

by on 26th January 2018

Google announced on Thursday that it would be updating the Ads Settings menu in Google Account to enable users to mute ‘reminder ads’.

This will primarily have implications for advertisers who utilise Google’s remarketing services.

The new functionality will enable users to, at a glance, identify which brands are remarketing to them and ‘mute’ advertisements served by the brand if they no longer deem them useful.

Google reminder ads

To date Google has only rolled out the functionality across the Google Display Network (GDN), however it plans to extend the functionality to GMail, YouTube and Search users in the ‘coming months’.

This development is merely a compliment to existing functionality rolled out across GDN. The ‘mute this ad’ functionality has been available since 2012 and Google reports that, since its implementation, the data has been used to remove 1 million ads from their network.

The extension of ‘mute this ad’ to include ‘reminder ads’ will ensure that if a user mutes an ad on one device then the ad will be muted on all of their devices (providing they’re logged-in to their Google account).

It’s also an indication of a greater trend adopted in the last couple of years, not only by Google but a number of large multinational corporations. In 2016, a number of corporations, including Facebook, Google, Unilever and The Washington Post, gathered together to form the ‘Coalition for Better Ads’.

Jason Kint, CEO of Digital Content Next (a founding member of the ‘Coalition for Better Ads’), had this to say in 2016 (the year the group formed):

“Consumers are clearly frustrated with the current dynamic of digital advertising across the wider web. No industry has ever survived by ignoring consumer needs…DCN is looking forward to working with this coalition to address the underlying consumer needs that have accelerated ad blocking adoption.”

However, the growth in ad blocking shows no signs of slowing down, despite the best efforts of Facebook and Google to stem the tide.

According to a PageFair report from 2017, around 11% of the global internet population and 615 million global devices use ad blockers; this signals a 30% YoY growth (2015-2016) in ad blocking.

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