Tuesday 11th December 2018

Google updates search results to include data on graduation rates and racial and gender distributions of colleges’ student populations

The search giant will begin rolling out the US-only update to mobile users as of today.
Jason Smith
by on 13th June 2018

Google has announced it’s updating its search engine results pages to include more data on US colleges.

Searching for an appropriate college can be a time consuming process. While there are numerous websites that aggregate information on colleges, students often have to consult multiple sources to retrieve the vast swathe of information they must consider before making an application.

The data will include information about graduation rates, employability, student life and the average cost of admission. The search giant claims the update will make it easier for students to decide which 4 year college is best for them.

According to its announcement, data on the “social and economic diversity” of each college will also be made available to prospective students. This will include data on the gender and racial distributions of colleges’ student populations.

Google colleges

The new format will comprise a tabbed layout with menu items including “overview”, “majors”, “outcomes”, “rankings”, “notable alumni” and “students.”

The new features will also only be available for 4 year colleges.

The data will be pulled from the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard and Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) which, according to the Silicon Valley based search engine, comprises a comprehensive data set for 4 year colleges.

Google also states it worked alongside education researchers, non-profit organizations, high schools counselors and admissions professionals when deciding how best to present the data to prospective students, as well as how to build an experience that meets the needs of college students.

It states it’s rolling out the new features for mobile users as of today, with some features available to desktop users as well. The new results only appear to be offered to US users.