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How some of the world’s biggest web hosts performed in March 2018

by on 7th April 2018

According to our internal data on 18 web hosts, web hosting brands Bluehost and FatCow, which are both owned by Endurance International Group, had the best uptime (100%) for the month of March 2018.

Fasthosts (7 hours of downtime) and Host Papa (6 hours of downtime) had the poorest uptime scores over the same time frame.  The full results are listed below.

The data is collected through third-party monitoring platform Pingdom and uptime is a measure of a server’s availability over a given period of time.

Except for Hostgator, the hosting packages selected are all “economy” packages i.e. the cheapest packages available through each web host. Each web host is tested from multiple locations and each package hosts a standard WordPress installation.

In terms of response time, which is a value calculated by measuring the time to first byte (TTFB) i.e. the amount of time it takes to receive the first byte of data, as well as the time taken to receive HTTP headers and load HTML, Hostinger was the best performer with a response time of 386ms for the month of March 2018.

When analyzing the data it’s important to account for variables like scheduled maintenance (the conditions surrounding this are typically outlined in a web host’s terms and conditions).

It’s also important to note that uptime and response time are merely two of many factors which should be considered when evaluating a web host’s performance.

Web hosts ranked by uptime (March 2018):

  1. Bluehost: 100% uptime; 437ms response time
  2. FatCow: 100% uptime; 1,967ms response time
  3. GoDaddy: 100% uptime (1 minute of downtime); 594ms response time
  4. Hostgator (Cloud): 99.99% uptime (3 minutes of downtime); 438ms response time
  5. Dreamhost: 99.98% uptime (7 minutes of downtime); 1,008ms response time
  6. 1&1: 99.98% uptime (10 minutes of downtime); 1,272ms response time
  7. Namecheap: 99.96% uptime (17 minutes of downtime); 1,754ms response time
  8. Siteground: 99.96% uptime (18 minutes of downtime); 1,416ms response time
  9. A2 Hosting: 99.96% uptime (19 minutes of downtime); 1,008ms response time
  10. Heart Internet: 99.95% uptime (24 minutes of downtime); 1,111ms response time
  11. iPage: 99.95% uptime (24 minutes of downtime); 2,147ms response time
  12. GreenGeeks: 99.93% uptime (29 minutes of downtime); 609ms response time
  13. InMotion: 99.93% uptime (31 minutes of downtime); 1,394ms response time
  14. Just Host: 99.92% uptime (35 minutes of downtime); 748ms response time
  15. Hostinger: 99.85% uptime (1 hour of downtime); 386ms response time
  16. 99.74% uptime (2 hours of downtime); 2,630ms response time
  17. HostPapa: 99.13% uptime (6 hours of downtime); 1,312ms response time
  18. Fasthosts: 99.01% uptime (7 hours of downtime); 1,699ms response time

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