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JD Wetherspoon data: how its pages performed in the last year

by on 16th April 2018

JD Wetherspoon today announced it is deleting its social media presence with immediate effect.

Commenting on the decision, JD Wetherspoon Chairman Tim Martin stated “We are going against conventional wisdom that these platforms are a vital component of a successful business.”

To gain further insight on how well JD Wetherspoon performed on Facebook, we’ve listed performance data for some of the remaining JD Wetherspoon Facebook pages below.

JD Wetherspoon Facebook Performance:

In the data below “last year” is defined as 1st April 2017 to 1st April 2018 and “total interactions” is defined as likes, comments, shares and reactions.

JD Wetherspoon, Saltoun Inn

  • Number of posts in the last year: 36
  • Page likes: 2,189
  • Average engagement rate: 0.67 percent
  • Best performing post: 64 total interactions

JD Wetherspoon, Red Lion

  • Number of posts in the last year: 175
  • Page likes: 3,280
  • Average engagement rate: 1.08 percent
  • Best performing post: 2,159 total interactions

JD Wetherspoon, Landudno

  • Number of posts in the last year: 3
  • Page likes: 8,652
  • Average engagement rate: 0.23 percent
  • Best performing post: 55 total interactions

JD Wetherspoon, The Gateway

  • Number of posts in the last year: 53
  • Page likes: 547
  • Average engagement rate: 0.35 percent
  • Best performing post: 13 total interactions

JD Wetherspoon, The Unicorn

  • Number of posts in the last year: 348
  • Page likes: 355
  • Average engagement rate: 0.19 percent
  • Best performing post: 12 total interactions

According to other research we conducted earlier this year, the average engagement rate for the world’s top 100 brands (e.g. Netflix, Amazon, Nike, Tesla, etc.) is 0.12 percent.

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