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Leaked images show new Facebook tool that lets users create content for advertisers

The new tool matches advertisers to creators open to promoting branded content to their followers.
by on 20th May 2018

Leaked images initially discovered by show a new Facebook tool that lets Facebook users (“creators”) team up with advertisers to produce content for their followers.

According to a TechCrunch report, Facebook has confirmed the authenticity of the leaked images.

Creator search

The new tool is called “Branded Content Matching” and it lets advertisers search for audiences that reflect those it wants to target. Advertisers will be able to use the platform to contact creators and review data on the characteristics of their audiences.

Moreover, advertisers will be able to review each creator against metrics including reach, follower count, video views and engagement rate, to determine the value of a user’s audience.

Creator search

According to TechCrunch, Facebook won’t take a cut of sales generated, at least not initially. Moreover, advertisers can’t use the platform to distribute their own content.

The new platform is perhaps a development more attuned to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s original vision for the social network.

In 2007, he stated, “In the next hundred years information won’t be just pushed out to people, it will be shared among the millions of connections people have. Advertising will change. You will need to get into these connections”.

However, as time has gone on, Facebook advertising has come to resemble a form of personalized direct marketing, or rather a process reliant on targeting consumers directly with communications.

It’s a form of marketing that has been embraced by many digital marketers eager to prove the effectiveness of their campaigns, albeit at the expensive of creativity and user frustration at being inundated with ads.

Despite being easier to attribute, marketers have also struggled to draw meaningful insights or demonstrate ROI from their campaigns.

The new platform could prompt brands to create more meaningful and engaging content for users, rather than utilizing social media as a channel exclusively for direct marketing or lead generation.

It is opt-in and also allows users (“creators”) to set up portfolios of their work and communicate the merits of their audiences.

Despite the benefits, some marketers and advertisers may be concerned about the capabilities of Facebook users’ to reach their audiences, let alone engage them. A recent report by Indivigital found that top 100 brands on Facebook had an average engagement rate of 0.12 percent.

Furthermore, other recent reports have found that Facebook reach is in decline and the social network is driving significantly less referral traffic to brands than it was two years ago.

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