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New report suggests Facebook is being trumped by Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube

According to a new report, only 51 percent of teens aged 13-17 use Facebook, while 85 percent use YouTube. However, the headline figures don't tell the whole story.
by on 2nd June 2018

A new survey published by Pew Research suggests only 51 percent of teens aged 13 – 17 use Facebook while 85 percent use YouTube. Facebook-owned Instagram and Snapchat are used by 72 percent and 69 percent of teens respectively.

The report’s findings were drawn from a sample of 1,058 parents and 743 teens. The same report was conducted in 2015, at which time 71 percent of teens claimed they used Facebook.

While the report suggests Facebook’s influence among teens is waning, a recent report by Hootsuite and WeAreSocial confirmed Facebook, with 2.23 billion users worldwide, is by some distance the world’s most popular social network.

Moreover, the same report also found most users fall into its 25-34 years old demographic, which accounts for 630 million users. It’s also still the most popular social network among the 18-24 years old demographic, which accounts for 610 million of Facebook’s users.

Instagram is the 6th most popular social network worldwide with 250 million 18-24 year olds utilizing its platform. Moreover, Snapchat’s entire user base is only 41% the size of Facebook users aged 18-24, according to the latest Snapchat estimates from TechCrunch.

The report from Pew Research also found that propensity to use Facebook is higher among teens from low income families. 70 percent of teens that use Facebook come from families earning less than $30,000 per year, while the figure is 36 percent for teens from households earning more than $75,000 per year.

Teens are also less likely to name Facebook as the platform they use most. From the sample, 35 percent of teens declared they used Snapchat more than any other platform, while only 10 percent declared in favour of Facebook. Meanwhile, YouTube was the most utilized platform among 32 percent of teens and Instagram among 15 percent of teens.

The survey also found Reddit, Tumblr and Twitter were all visited by teens less often than Facebook.

Interestingly, girls are more likely than boys to regard Snapchat as their platform of choice (42% vs. 29%) while boys are more likely than girls to visit YouTube most often (39% vs. 25%).

Most teens are neutral on whether social media has a positive or negative impact on their lives. While 31% declared it has a mostly positive effect, 45 percent declared it has neither a positive or negative effect on teens. Only 24 percent of teens described social media as mostly negative.

Among those who deem social media has a mostly negative effect, 27 percent believe it facilitates bullying and the overall spread of rumours. Of those who deem it has a positive effect, the most frequent justification cited is that it helps users communicate with family and friends and form new connections.

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