Thursday 22nd November 2018

Steve Jobs’s job application sold for $174,000

Jason Smith
by on 19th March 2018

A job application by Steve Jobs dated 1973 has sold for $174,757 at an auction in Boston, USA.

The application, listed at RR Auctions, detailed Jobs’s tech aspirations, however which company Jobs was applying to is unclear. The job application was sold to an entrepreneur in England and it fetched three times more than its estimate.

At the time of the application Jobs would have been about 18 years old.

The job application pre-dates Job’s and Wozniak’s decision to found Apple by three years and features a number of spelling errors. It also lists Jobs’s name as “Steven Jobs” and his address as “Reed College”.

Under a section titled “Special Abilities,” Jobs wrote “tech or design engineer. digital.—from Bay near Hewitt-Packard”. Beside “Major” Jobs specified “english lit” and beside “driver’s license” he specifies “yes”.

The job application is handwritten and only consists of one page. It also asks applicants to specify particular skills, including “typing”, “computer”, “calculator” and “other”. Jobs specified “yes” beside both “computer” and “calculator”.

The high sale price wasn’t unexpected, according to RR Auction.

“There are many collectors who have earned disposable income over the last few decades using Apple technology, and we expect similarly strong results on related material in the future,” said Bobby Livingston, executive vice president at RR Auction

The auction also played host to other Apple memorabilia. An Apple Mac OS X manual signed by Jobs sold for $41,806 while a newspaper clipping also signed by Jobs sold for $26,950.