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Use of voice search continues to increase, according to 2018 report

by on 26th January 2018

Users are becoming more and more comfortable with issuing voice commands to their devices, according to US-based digital marketing agency Stone Temple.

The agency predicts the coming of a ‘voice revolution’ and its research, which began last year, attempts to determine the social and economic impacts of voice.

The report, based on a sample of 1,000 people, predicts that voice search will soon become as engrained in the average person’s psyche as typing at a desktop computer or swiping a smartphone.

The report also indicates a general upward trend in voice search but a downward trend in the number of users utilising voice search ‘at home alone’ or ‘at home with friends’ (these were the only two environments in which usage declined).

Voice search usage statistics

This is particularly surprising considering the advent of Google Home and Amazon Echo, which are both at the forefront of consumer demand for voice search technology in the home.

The report also indicates that voice usage broadly scales with educational level, with college or university graduates more likely to use voice search in nearly every public environment.

However, despite an increase in uptake in recent years, smartphone users, when presented with options including searching in a mobile browser and making a voice command, are still overwhelmingly more likely to open their browser and search.

Voice search statistics

The report shows that 44% of users, when given this choice, will opt for a standard mobile browser search as a first choice, while only 16% will opt for a voice search.

Additionally, the report also shows that of all the applications a user can control with their voice, text messaging is the most popular and is closely followed by issuing a command to call and map navigation.

According to Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, sales of Amazon Echo have outstripped that of Google Home by 3 to 1 in 2017, and both brands continue to expand their smart speaker offering.

2018 will also see HomePod, Apple’s contribution to the smart speaker line-up, hit the shelves.

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