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Web Host Rankings May 2018: Bluehost, GoDaddy, Just Host best overall

According to second by second performance monitoring, GoDaddy, Just Host and Bluehost all maintained uptime of 100 percent for May 2018.
by on 1st June 2018

With uptime of 100 percent, Bluehost, GoDaddy and Just Host were the best performing web hosts for May 2018, according to an analysis by Indivigital. The full results for all 18 web hosts analyzed are listed below.

Siteground and Fat Cow, which like Bluehost and Just Host is an Endurance International Group brand, also maintained uptime of 100 percent however both maintained relatively poor response times.

GoDaddy is the only web host to maintain 100 percent uptime 3 months in a row. GoDaddy, Bluehost and Just Host also maintained response times of 569ms, 501ms and 790ms respectively.

Meanwhile, Hostgator’s cloud hatchling package maintained a response time of 490ms, which was best overall.

The rankings encompass 18 of the world’s largest web hosts. Each web host is subject to second-by-second performance monitoring to test uptime and response time.

Except for the Hostgator cloud hatchling package, the hosting packages tested are all economy packages i.e. the cheapest available from each web host.

Uptime is a measure of the availability of a web server while response time is a measure of the time it takes to retrieve the first byte of data (TTFB), load HTML and receive HTTP headers.

Response time is not the same as page load time.

When analyzing the data it’s important to account for variables like scheduled maintenance (the conditions surrounding this are typically outlined in a web host’s terms and conditions).

It’s also important to note that uptime and response time are merely two of many factors that should be considered when evaluating a web host’s performance.

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