Sunday 17th February 2019


218 internet facts and statistics for 2018

Do you know how many email accounts there are in the world? What about the number of internet users? Do you know how much Yahoo! could have paid to buy Google back in 1999? Do you know which very popular domain name Microsoft let expire in 2003? Find out now!

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How to speed up your website

According to Google, the average mobile page can take upwards of 22 seconds to load and according to Aberdeen Group a 1 second delay can affect conversion rate by up to 7%. Page speed shouldn't be an afterthought, it should be your utmost priority.

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Facebook News Rankings 2018

We analyzed how 64 of the world's biggest news organizations perform on Facebook.

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Facebook Track: Top 100

A report on how well the world's top 100 brands perform on Facebook.

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Legal texts

ePrivacy: Full text

Read a user-friendly version of the ePrivacy text.

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