Tuesday 11th December 2018

ePrivacy Proposal

This text is a draft proposal published by the European Council on 4th May, 2018

Chapter 1 (Articles 1 - 4)

General provisions

Chapter 2 (Articles 5 - 11)

Protection of electronic communications of end-users and of the integrity of their terminal equipment

Chapter 3 (Articles 12 - 17)

End-users' rights to control electronic communications

Chapter 4 (Articles 18 - 20)

Independent supervisory authorities and enforcement

Chapter 5 (Articles 21 - 24)

Remedies, liability and penalties

Chapter 6 (Articles 25 - 26)

Delegated Acts and Implementing Acts

Chapter 7 (Articles 27 - 29)

Final provisions

Recitals (1-42)

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Recital 31

Number-based interpersonal communications services

(31) Providers of number-based interpersonal communications services should inform the end-users who are natural persons of the search functions of the directory and obtain their consent before enabling such search functions related to their personal data. The categories of personal data included in the directory and the categories of personal data on the basis of which the end-user’s contact details can be searched should not necessarily be the same.