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We're a small team based in Scotland. We turn small business websites into effective marketing tools.

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We’re UK-based and our writers are journalists, communications professionals and digital marketers.

Our copy is regularly covered or mentioned by organisations including The Daily Telegraph, Buzzfeed, Columbia Journalism Review and The Daily Mail.

Our objective is simple: to write copy that works.

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"A writer is one for whom writing is more difficult than it is for other people".

- Thomas Mann

Commercial copy for every objective

Copy should have a central objective, be it to inform, convert or persuade. Our copy can be a workhorse or a finely crafted tool for persuasion. It can communicate the ethos of your brand or enlighten customers about an idea.

We regularly provide copy for product pages, research, press releases, landing pages and content marketing.

Outreach services

That the internet is defined more by noise than signal represents both a challenge and an opportunity.

We offer outreach services that help extend the reach of your copy. We have high success rates and our copy has been linked to or cited by some of the world’s largest news organisations (see examples below).

Fast delivery and bulk orders

We aim to deliver content promptly and provide quotes within 12 hours. In most cases, for single jobs, our copy is delivered within 48 hours. For technical or complex requests this may extend to three or four working days.

We also accept bulk orders. The delivery time for larger jobs varies and is dependent on the brief, the size of the job, the task and our familiarity with your industry.


We aren’t a churn factory. Some of us, as freelancers, have worked for churn factories and found them ineffective and contributory to peoples’ declining expectations for the standards of online copy.

We prefer to provide our clients with a valuable service, even if it costs a little more or takes slightly longer to deliver. Our pricing varies dependent on a variety of factors; however, on average, it ranges from £0.04 per word to £0.12 per word.

This means a page comprising 400 words will cost between £16 and £48. We also provide discounts for bulk orders.

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Online doesn't mean breadline

Your customers’ expectations for valuable information are increasingly being undermined by an internet concerned more by noise than signal. Our copy helps your brand redefine your customers’ expectations.

To cut through the noise and fulfil your objectives we consider the tone and positioning of your message, as well as your brand guidelines and target audience.

Effective copy delivers the best return on investment

While advertising spend must be replenished, website copy, when positioned and crafted effectively, can increase brand awareness, and drive traffic, sales and engagements, with little to no upkeep.

We see website copy as an asset; when leveraged effectively it can form the cornerstone of your marketing and communications strategy.

Effective copy creates an impression

Effective copy can persuade a customer to interact with your brand and ultimately take an action. Poorly written copy can leave a stain on your reputation and make readers question the professionalism of your brand.

Effective copy extends your reputation

Writing copy is one thing, promoting it is another. With the right promotional approach, great copy can take a little-known brand into a new stratosphere. It can attract social shares and links and place your website before new audiences eager to consume your content. At its best, copy identifies your customers’ wants and needs and fulfils them in a timely manner.


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We respond to all enquiries within 8 hours (usually a lot faster). We endeavour to provide quotes within 12 hours.

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