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Managed news feed

Publishing accurate, timely and brand relevant news content can not only generate significant exposure for your brand, it can put you at the forefront of conversations in your sector.

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Be first, get noticed

Content needs to be promoted. News content benefits from near instantaneous indexation by the world's largest news aggregation service: Google News. Google News publishers benefit from access to a large, global audience eager to consume the latest topical news stories.

Search engine visibility

Google search is the biggest referrer of traffic to websites globally1. Featuring in Google News can provide a brand with temporary visibility around single word or generic keywords in Google's "top stories" section. This visibility can drive as many as tens of thousands of visits to a single news story2.


News organizations looking to feature in Google News must submit an inclusion request. They must contribute regular, accurate content for their audiences and refrain from self-promotion. Featuring in Google News is a mark of credibility.

New audiences

External links to a brand's website from other websites can bolster the overall visibility of all of that brand's content in search3. As a Google News publisher, a brand will likely generate more traffic from journalists and influencers. Journalists maintain large social networks and contribute to highly authoritative websites. They also frequently link to other news organizations within their stories.

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Fully managed

At its most basic level, our managed news feed service accommodates the requirements of Google News by providing at least 2 news articles per weekday. We will contribute at least 40 news articles prior to submitting an inclusion request.

Professional writers

Our writers are a combination of communications professionals, digital marketers and journalists, as well as in-house employees and freelancers. We only ever assign, at most, two journalists or communications or marketing professionals to the management of your news feed (this ensures they build sufficient knowledge on the daily happenings in your industry).

Additional services

A news feed can be leveraged as a springboard for publishing research, op-eds, surveys, interviews and investigative reports. We can facilitate tailored campaigns or content marketing services through your news feed.

Technical implementation, governance and stakeholders

In most instances, featuring in Google News requires nothing more than a content management system, a few technical modifications to URLs and sections of a website dedicated to publishing news stories. We provide full technical support on the implementation and management of your news feed.

We also work in accordance with your content or digital governance models. We recommend an introductory meeting with relevant stakeholders, and potential contributors, prior to implementation.


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We respond to all enquiries within 8 hours (usually a lot faster). We endeavour to provide quotes within 12 hours.

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